Redis and its creator antirez,


Mystery Math Whiz and Novelist Advance Permutation Problem,"A new proof from the Australian science fiction writer Greg Egan and a 2011 proof anonymously posted online are now being hailed as significant advances on a puzzle mathematicians have been studying for at least 25 years.",

Tomb Raider,

Pas Normal Studios,

On the Trail of the Johatsu or 'Evaporated People',"The eta (meaning abundant filth) did dirty jobs that were beneath commoners in Edo-era Japan (comprising roughly the 17th to the mid-19th centuries). There was an even lower class, hinin, which translates as non-person. Their numbers included traveling actors and prostitutes, performing monkey handlers and people who had abandoned their home villages without permission.",

What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?,

When the Beatles did Japan,"When we came off the plane, we were put in little 1940s-type cars along with policemen dressed in metal helmets, like Second World War American soldiers’ helmets. We were driven in convoy into town and taken to the Tokyo Hilton where we were put in our upstairs suite – and that was it. We were only allowed out of the room when it was time for the concert.",

Layers of Deceit,"Why do recipe writers lie and lie and lie about how long it takes to caramelize onions?",

Google 3D Tiles x Unreal Engine,

GitHub Copilot Chat Leaked Prompt,

Cut Off,"Without RSS readers, the long tail would be cut off. The rich would get richer: only the big-name sites get regular readership without RSS, so the smaller sites would only get scraps of occasional Twitter links from the few people who remember to check them regularly, and that number would dwindle.",

Hotel Okura,"Therefore, I'm a little ashamed to say how much I loved the Hotel Okura; I've never stayed anywhere that was so wonderfully and unintrusively peaceful, a place where people paid so much attention to every detail.",

Dick Smith is the Greatest Private Equity Heist of All Time,

Generation Multitask,